Friday, March 9, 2012

Tool 10

1.  On being good digital citizens, I would want my students to know at least three things. I would want them to be safe when using the Internet, not only to avoid dangerous sites, but also to detect information bias by checking out the source of the information. Second, I would like the kids to operate friendly treating other students fairly, and without detractors, such as name-calling and spreading false rumors (cyberbullying). Lastly, I would want my students to be operate ethically on the Internet. Besides some of the previous things cited, students should not plagarize off of Internet sources or use it to convey unwanted personal or false details about other students.

2. I would probably use Digizen to theach the kids about being a good net citizen.

3. I would display Digizen on my ActivBoard for my students to watch before having them work on a project.

4. Regarding parents, I would share the idea of digital citizenship with my parents during Back to School Night each year. I would also note that this is in furtherance of the SBISD digital rights codes that every parent and student has signed.

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