Friday, March 9, 2012

Tool 9

Technology is very important to our learners today.  They are exposed everyday to such a wide range of technology that is at their fingertips.  I think that many of them are sometimes overwhelmed by the influx of different sources out there.  At the same time, most of the students know much more about the latest and greatest applications out there.  Technology allows students to innovate from their desks and with fellow students.  This is what creates great thinkers through a varied expression.

Students need to be held accountable to ensure that learning is taking place.  It is easy to still copy regardless if one is using technology or not.  If you do not ensure that the concepts are being mastered then the technology did not add any value to the lessons.

There are many avenues for using different apps.  I think in the beginning the most useful use of these apps will be for review purposes and creating visuals of learning.  By being able to combine the two I believe we will have a much higher percentage of students mastering content, in turn empowering the individual students.  Each station will have a quick assessment that will be used as a reteach lesson as well.  If they can master each level, progressively increasing the level of Bloom's, then success will be reached.

I am very excited about being able to have the students create videos, with other technology available on campus, and then edit the videos with the new devices.  This is what I am most interested in implementing next semester.  In geography we study very difficult issues, and the best way to demonstrate them is through PSA's.  Having students create them will build compassionate global citizens!

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